About MEC&C

Former English learners and trained professionals helping you achieve what they have.

Mesidor English Clubs and Classes (MEC&C) is a network of English learning practice clubs and a series of English courses designed to help you learn English. Our teachers are trained professionals but are not native speakers of English. They have learnt how to speak English. At MEC&C, we use our experience as former English students to help you achieve what we have.

There are many advantages in learning English with our teachers. Unlike teachers for whom English is a mother tongue, our teachers have gone through the long and painful experience of learning English as a foreign or second language. We know all the challenges you will face as an English learner.

At MEC&C, we will teach and share with you all that we have learnt over the years regarding learning English. We will teach you the same techniques that we have used ourselves and that we have found to be effective. We once were exactly where YOU are today. Through MEC&C, We will take you to where WE are today.